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Placing an Order

Carefree Gifts wants your ordering process to be as easy and fun for you as it will be for the recipient your sending it to. We offer you a step by step ordering process that allows you more time to concentrate on your Message in a Bottle selection, the scroll style, your personalized greeting, the date you want your order mailed out and if you would like to add a Gift Certificate to your Message in a Bottle.

Ordering Steps Below

(1). Scroll Style Selection, Click on view Scrolls to see our collection of over 30 different styles of scroll to choose from. The scrolls will open in a popup window, please read the scroll instructions on the first page.
Click on the numbers to the left of the screen to view each scroll, once you found a scroll to use please copy or remember the Scroll Style: Name and Close the Scroll Window.

(2). Compose your Personalized Greeting for the scroll, type your message in the text box (up to 800 characters including spaces). Your message will be printed on the scroll you selected with an elegant font in the appropriate color along with the arraignment of your greeting to create a beautiful document suitable for framing to compliment your personalized greeting

We encourage you to include the Name the greeting s for Example: (To my Sweetheart) and sign the greeting at the end Example: (Love you, Tommy)

(3). Select Mail Out Date, type in the date you desire your Message in a Bottle mailed out on, Example (12/15/2010). This is not the date the order will be received but the date your order is mailed out. Orders will be mailed out within 24 hours after they are received - Monday thru Friday (Except for Holidays).
Click on the Calendar Icon above the date entry to view a complete Calendar by Months and Years.

(4). Select a Shipping Method, Carefree Gifts mails all of our Message in a Bottle with the USA via the United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail and we provide you with a Tracking Number free of charge for you to track the progress of your order via (USPS) http://www.usps.com. For International Order See (International Orders)

The normal charge for Priority Mail for this package is between $6.25 and $9.15 depending on the Zone that the bottle is going to. Carefree Gifts believes it very important for us to provide this service to you for FREE rather than your recipient not receive your special gift in a timely manor!!!

(5). Add a Gift Certificate, you have the Option of adding a Gift Certificate to your order. When sending a Message in a Bottle with your personalized greeting you now have the opportunity to turn the most unique greeting into the most unusual gift that allows your recipient to come to Carefree Gifts and select from a LARGE selection of Gifts and Home Decor while having a lot of FUN shopping one of the most unique gift stores with all of our special Sales, Coupons and Highly acclaimed Navigational tools.

Create a Keepsake and a Memory with a Gift Certificate added to your
Message in a Bottle

(6). Add to your Shopping Cart, this is your final step. Type in the amount you wish to order, remember Exclusively with Carefree Gifts you can add as many Message in a Bottle to your shopping cart and in the final check out area you have the option to fill in the Names, Address, City, State and Zip Code for every item individually and you can either use the same greeting or add a different greeting with each bottle. See More Information in (Multiple Shipping)

Imagine this option for the Holiday season, you can send all your Holiday greetings to everyone on your shopping list all at One Time. Try To Do This With Any Others!!!!


Note: Please double check the shipping information before submitting your order. Delivery problems occur due to misspelled addresses or forgotten apartment numbers etc. We are not responsible for failed deliveries due to wrong address information.

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